Things to know about RE

How many re exams are there?

How many regulatory examinations are there? ​There are four regulatory examinations: Regulatory Examination: FSPs and Key Individuals in all Categories of FSPs – RE1. Regulatory Examination: FSPs and Key Individuals in Categories II and IIA – RE3. You can download RE Study Material on several websites.

What is an RE5 qualification?

What is RE5 Qualification – All Representatives, including those employed or mandated by an FSP, who render a financial service to a client (excluding a person rendering clerical, technical, administrative, legal, accounting or other service in a subsidiary or subordinate capacity)

What is a dofa date?

A DOFA is the date on which one is first appointed as a representative of an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP) and registered on the central representative register of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). It is a fixed date.

What is higher certificate banking?

The Higher Certificate in Banking Services is an entry-level higher education qualification aimed at equipping you with the required knowledge and skills to operate successfully in a specific junior/entry level role within the banking sector

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